Well, as you all know, (if you watch NASCAR) Jeff Gordon has retired. It looks to me as if the stands at many of the races have thinned down quite a bit since, at least from my perspective.  Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has announced his retirement, I’m getting kind of worried. There are however some other changes that I find truly exciting. First of all, the races are now placed in segments, which I think is a great idea. Whoever wins the first two segments gets points towards the playoffs… Oh, and that’s another welcomed change in my book- They’re no longer calling the final races of the year “The Chase” which makes more sense to me because those not too familiar with racing didn’t know exactly what it meant. But everyone knows what the playoffs means! Now there’s reason to whoop and holler before the end of the race because there’s simply so much more going on! Now maybe it’s just my opinion, but I really enjoy the race this way. Every year there are some changes, such as drivers switching teams, and other driver news. But with lagging attendance as of lately, I feel that the changes they’ve made are terrific, as there’s so much more to see in a single race. There’s still just one winner of each race, but someone also wins each segment, providing extra points, making the race to the end of a segment worthwhile for the drivers. There still is just one actual race winner who takes the trophy in the end.  Since I happen to be a NASCAR fan, I love the fact that Las Vegas gets an extra race each season beginning in 2018. Where do retired NASCAR drivers go? Well so far Jeff Gordon is announcing the races, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. I hear will be doing the same next year. Who better after all to announce what’s going on with the race than guys who’ve been there and know their stuff!