There have been several rumors about whether or not the Honda Prelude will return to the many fans of the sports-compact giant in  popularity car.  Any of you who owned a Prelude in the past, understand exactly what I’m talking about.  For years now there has been talk flying around about how Honda should bring the Prelude back. This of course would be expected to be a new and improved model with more cabin room, so passengers in the rear would be comfortable, more power, yet with that same smooth shifting and handling it was known for back when you could still get them. And of course the body would scream as it zooms by that “I’m baaack!” causing everyone who sees it to take notice!

I’ll never forget the first time I drove my new Prelude home from the dealership.  I felt as if the car was under-priced for sure! The way it cornered, the way it had pick-up when I needed it, and oh, did I mention the low profile and the moon roof, all standard?  Of course the new model will be tricked out with all the new tech goodies that you could possibly want in the cockpit.  The little joystick on the manual transmission makes for shifting at high speed effortless as you zoom past your designated target.  Yes, this car was exciting to drive!  There are very few cars that get your senses awakened like a Honda Prelude, simply for a quick corner hugging drive to the market!

There’s rumor of a 2018 concept Prelude, and another rumor of maybe a 2019 comeback.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’m over due for a new car in hopes that a new Honda Prelude will appear! There will no longer be an Accord coupe, which was a good second choice with a v6-  6 speed stick. The power was phenomenal, making it a very responsive little bullet. However, I’m still dreaming of that newly designed Prelude comeback!