In Las Vegas Summer is Tough on your Car!

Summer is tough on your car. The heat makes everything work harder and wear out faster, so its important to check things out, especially your tires- monthly!  And that’s not all. You wouldn’t want a dead battery when its 100+ degrees outside. Remember to have your battery tested.

Did you know that it’s best to replace both Headlamps at the same time? This is because if only one is replaced your headlights may look off balance or appear not to be shining the same direction. Besides, they both are usually due to be replaced at the same time.

Road conditions are different in the summer. Roads are not only hot, but they can be slick from oil residue. Hot weather exacerbates heat build up and weakens the tire. On a 90 degree day the road surface temperature easily exceeds 150 degrees! Here in Las Vegas, well, you can only imagine how hot the road will get!

Check Tires Monthly!  Remember to check inflation pressure in each tire when tires are cold.
Inflate to the recommended weight. Mark your calendar when the next check should be!

Check Brakes. They get hot, and its better to simply need an adjustment than have to have your rotors turned because you put it off too long.
Check Coolant. Your car likes to be kept cool too!
Engine belts– The heat can dry out important belts. Have them checked out.
Wipers– We get those freak summer storms, so make sure your wipers are not dried out & crusty.
Oil, oil filter & other fluids-  Never skip having this things checked out!
Have your mechanic check your Air filter.
Sunshade– This can make a real difference when you need the steering wheel to be able to be touched.
Air Conditioning system- Do you really need an explanation?….

Remember to hydrate everyone who will be riding with you!

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