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Buying a car from a private party

I thought I’d touch base on a few things that everyone needs to know at some time or another- Buying a car from a private party.  Before going to check out the car, check online to find out what the fair market value is on that particular model. What Paperwork do you need?  There are…

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Have you seen what’s new in NASCAR lately?

Well, as you all know, (if you watch NASCAR) Jeff Gordon has retired. It looks to me as if the stands at many of the races have thinned down quite a bit since, at least from my perspective.  Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has announced his retirement, I’m getting kind of worried. There are however…

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The New Honda Prelude? My fingers are crossed!

There have been several rumors about whether or not the Honda Prelude will return to the many fans of the sports-compact giant in  popularity car.  Any of you who owned a Prelude in the past, understand exactly what I’m talking about.  For years now there has been talk flying around about how Honda should bring…

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2018 Honda Accord

HONDA! Still on top! The redesigned Honda for 2018 is being considered one of the “Most Fun To Drive” sedans/Accords ever!  The new 10th generation Accord will offer two turbo charged and direct injected engines, with Honda’s new 10 speed automatic transmission. You can choose a CVT or a 6 speed manual depending on the…

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NASCAR in Michigan this weekend!

Congratulations to Ryan Blaney who won his first cup race last weekend at Pocono! There are seven slots open in the 16 driver field playoffs. Keven Harvick, Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Clint Boyer, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Chase Elliot need to win a race this year! It’s possible that multiple drivers…

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